Yannick Franck (°1981) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. He is an electronic music producer, DJ and head of Antibody label.

He operates as RAUM most of the time. His music is often described as trance inducing.

He explored many musical territories in the past, using different monikers sur as MT Gemini (Sub Rosa / Entr'acte) or Outlaw Compound (ZamZamRec).

He also plays in duos Orphan Swords with Pierre De Mûelenaere and Figure Section with Olivia Carrère.

He regularly works as a composer and a sound designer for dance, theatre and films. His music has recently been featured in award winning netflix TV show Top Boy.

He teaches soundtrack analysis and film music at ESRA Brussels.

In 2021, after several years of collaboration with hypnotherapists at Institut de Nouvelle Hypnose (Brussels)
he started his own practice as a sound therapist.