Thursday, April 23, 2020


Jerusalem-based Raash Records has just released a compilation featuring a new RAUM track titled Erema Chamber. 

It is named after a processing unit located in a polypropylene plastics factory I used to work at, around ten years ago. The Erema machine, an insane revolving apparatus - used in a whole process called pelletising – would throw melted thermoplastic projections around itself and the surrounding walls and floor. 

It gave birth to all sorts of surprising sculptures. I would have liked to have been able to collect some of them. Actually, I am pretty sure an artist like Michel Blazy would be very interested in that machine too. 

Although no one ever really paid attention to those involuntary artworks, I thought on several occasions about how unfortunate it was that such a creatively erratic machine was used for the production of those foolish, polluting wrapping plastics, and that it should instead be dedicated merely to the production of those strange shapes.

That factory has relocated since then, and that whole episode feels like another life now. But the track remains, and it is, as the Erema was, mechanical yet unpredictable.

The track was not based on sounds recorded in the Erema Chamber. I don't really believe in such a literal link between a source and its remodelling into a sound object. Instead, it works in an analogous way to the Erema, And hopefully it will generate strange and challenging shapes in your reality too.