Friday, February 8, 2019

Figure Section track premiere on The Brvtalist + debut concert this saturday In Liège (BE)

FIGURE SECTION track premiere on The Brvtalist
+ debut concert this Saturday in Liège (BE)

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Figure Section.

“Teutonic Knights” is the debut single from the Brussels-based duo comprised of Austrian-born musician and actress Olivia Carrère and Belgian industrial/techno activist Yannick Franck (Raum, Orphan Swords).  

The two artists quickly discovered their twin-like musical tastes and this lead to recording together. The result is Figure Section - a project rooted in cold wave, synth pop and more with an injection of modern sensibilities and spirit into the genres. “Teutonic Knights” is a great first track of infectious wave with an eerie atmosphere and frigid vocals. 

Be sure to catch the duo’s debut performance on February 9th at Festival de Liège in Belgium. For more, follow Figure Section on Instagram.

band picture by C. Lessire