Sunday, April 29, 2018

RAUM mixtape

Waiting for Raum's LP release on Clan Destine Records in September, we're glad to present a brand new mix featuring some of the project's influences and favorite artists. Think contemporary techno and classic industrial blent together with experimental music, unpop, dark wave, post punk and poetry.


Damon Watts - Bubblebutterface

Boyd Rice / Non - Period Piece

Rrose & Lucy - Inverted Limb 

Algebra Suicide - Little Dead Bodies

Esplendor Geometrico - Bululu

Digital Leather - Perfect Copy

Monte Cazazza - Break Number One

Jacno Future - Sentimental Bourreau

Varg V. Rönnberg - Attributes: The Eyes Of An Excellent Lover

Raymond Scott - Hillbilly Hostess In Haunted Harlem

John Cooper Clarke - Kung Fu International

Winter Family - Searching Donkeys

Roger McGough - Poems Of Mystery And Imagination

MZ.412 - Act I

Z'EV - Meg’o’lith

Monte Cazazza - A Gringo Like Me

Eden Ahbez - Full Moon

Philippe Laurent - Industrieuse 2

Ewa Justka & Manni Dee - London Isn’t England

Excepter - Sunburned Kid

Informatics - Satelite To Russia

Veil Of Light - Purple

OAKE - Erajh Nur Dwfa

Broken English Club - Wire Fence

Eleven Pound - Slut (Chaos Mix)

Adrift - Octo Octa

Sleeparchive - Recycle

Helena Hauff - Do You Really Think Like That?