Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Soundtrack For Wendy Morris' Exhibition In Oostende

Yannick Franck: Soundtrack For Wendy Morris' Exhibition In Oostende

Wendy Morris is a Belgian based artist and researcher working between moving image, diaries, letters and drawings. Her work explores fictional, documentary and autobiographical genres and is concerned with colonial migrations, religious dissent and archeological traces. A South African artist, born in Namibia (1960), the focus of her work is on movements between Europe and South Africa. 

After having composed many soundtracks for her animation films, sound pieces and installations within the last years, including the entire soundtrack of her solo exhibition at Argos art center in 2016, Yannick Franck has had the great pleasure to work on her upcoming show: This, of course, is a work of the imagination

The opening will take place on 08/09/2017 at 7:30pm

About the show:

One hundred years ago, in 1917, the SS Mendi sails through the English Channel towards France.
On board is a battalion of South African labour troops. There is a collision and the ship sinks.
No assistance is offered and more than 600 men drown. Memory of the disaster fades in the turmoil of the Great War. In the exhibition the story of the SS Mendi is used as a “pars pro toto”. It stands for a larger story that leads the viewer towards the complex history of South African segregation, a story that touches not only on colonial Western attitudes towards Africa but also on black South African attitudes towards the First World War. Wendy Morris looks back in an exhibition in which animated film, video, poetry and spoken word explore the boundaries of past and present, myth and reality.
The century-old shipping drama is no longer part of the landscape. Imagination offers solace.

This, of course, is a work of the imagination.