Tuesday, April 18, 2017

podcast episode #001: Marc O'Callaghan


"The Brvtalist is proud to present a new series in our podcast line. Titled +NSNWRDSNSGLS+ ("noise and words and sigils"), Belgium's Yannick Franck (Orphan Swords, Raum) is our guide through the worlds of music, philosophy, magic and more.

The first guest is Spanish experimental artist, Marc O'Callaghan (Coàgul, Crani Sèptic). With a prolific body of work in both sound and visual mediums, O'Callaghan is very much inspired by symbols and the power they possess.

The two discuss O'Callaghan's music, the magic of sigils and the artist's incredible journey to the Tower of the Apocalypse. A truly great episode to kick off the new series. Stay tuned for more."